Our Privacy Policy

Like all reputable organizations, we have a detailed privacy policy relative to the types of information we collect. These types of information will never be shared with a third party, for any reason. Please, read through the following items of our privacy policy so that you understand our practices. Our writing services are confidential, of course, but we want to ensure you that we have privacy policies related to other aspects of our custom writing services.

Some anonymous information about visitors to our website is collected, and you need to understand the nature of this collection.

Information We Do Collect for Site Browsers

Our server will automatically collect standard information that is collected by all websites on the Internet. This will include your type of browser, your operating system, the time that you access our site, and your IP address.

We also use cookies in order to customize and enhance our content and graphics, based upon the types of browsers that our visitors use. This information is collected aggregately and anonymously.

What are Cookies?

When you access a server online, there are text files on that server that identify your computer as one that has accessed that server. Sites like professional writing services and retailers use cookies to collect information about aggregate traffic to their sites.

Cookies will record areas of our site that you visit, will monitor how long you visited certain parts of our site, and will, therefore, help us improve and enhance the services we offer. Any computer owner has the options of restricting or turning off cookies on his/her computer. Turning off cookies, however, may restrict some of your browsing capabilities, but you should know that our online writing services will never attempt to access any personal information of any visitors to our site.

Use of Information a Visitor or Client Opts to Give Us

In order to request information from us, you may need to provide your name and email address so that we may respond. Please, be assured that none of this information is shared with or distributed to any other party. If you provide us with certain general demographic information, however, we may use that anonymously as we collect data to improve and target our marketing strategies.

Any individual who contacts us about our paper writing services or who wishes to address an issue should leave an email address for our response. We will respond via email but will never distribute or share you email address.

Changes to Our Privacy Policies

Any changes that we make relative to the use of the visitor or customer’s information will always be posted on this web page. Individuals who may have concerns about privacy issues are encouraged to check back regularly to keep informed of any changes.

Our Security Measures

The secure firewall systems that we have in place are effective in the prevention of hacking into our site for the purpose of stealing information that we have collected on visitors and customers. In the event that this should ever occur in the future, the information would be primarily of an aggregated and anonymous nature. Names and email addresses could conceivably be stolen, but no financial information (credit card information, e.g.) is housed on our site.

Use of Links on Our Site

On our writing services site, we do have links to other websites. Some of these are governmental and public organizational sites while other ones may be related to businesses and services. If you link to another website from ours, we are not responsible for the content of those sites, nor are we responsible for any negative consequences that may occur as a result of linking to a site from ours. When you link to another site, you are immediately subject to their privacy policies, terms, and conditions, not ours.

Prohibitions Regarding Disclosures

We will not divulge any information about our employees or ourselves at any time unless the site owner(s) must do so as a matter of adjudication and there are appropriate warrants for such disclosure. The same applies to customers who have used our writing service. Only in situations where a court warrant demands that the owner(s) disclose this information for cases in which the owner and company are a party, will such personal information be disclosed.

Change to Our Privacy Policies

It is possible that these policies may be changed as required in order to continue to protect the personal information of customers and visitors. As above-stated, if you have concerns about privacy policies of sites you visit or use, please, check back regularly as any change will always be published on this site.

Use of Copyrighted Material/Quality Control

At times, customers may purchase sample or example pieces of writing from us for a nominal fee. These are randomly generated so that a customer may make decisions relative to the use of a specific writer. These samples and examples belong to our company, and any use of them for any purpose other than review is strictly prohibited. Violation of this prohibition could result in legal actions.

Once a customer has accepted samples, she/he must make a decision as to the use of the writer within a 2-hour window. The customer may request samples from up to but not more than three assigned writers.

Use of Purchased Content for Company Quality Assurance

When an individual makes a decision to use our online custom essay services, she/he will be required to accept our terms and conditions, as well as our privacy policy. In doing so, you agree that small portions of a work y