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When a student wishes to purchase an essay from 5starswriting, there are certain factors that should be considered with regard to our professional writing team. Our professional writers take the approach that each customer has individual academic writing needs. Therefore, each customer should be addressed individually and accordingly. For instance, one student might need a literature review written from the perspective of a character mentioned in the literature. Another student might ask for a paper that is of a specific length, no longer, no shorter. Yet, another might ask for a paper that conveys his or her personal point of view about something. In other words, our professional writers know how to customize every essay so that it reflects exactly what the customer asks for.

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After a student places an order for academic writing, that order is placed with the writer that has the most impressive credentials to write about the paper’s specific topic. For example, if a student needs a paper about recycling, the paper would probably be directed to an environmental scientist. If a student needs a paper about child rearing, his or her paper would probably be directed to a child psychologist or someone who has expertise in another related field. With the close collaboration that we encourage between our customers and writers, every customer may be assured of the highest quality writing. 

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When the editors at 5starswriting check for plagiarism, they use some of the best anti-plagiarism software in the industry. Each paper is meticulously scanned, not once, but two times, thoroughly, to make certain that it does not contain plagiarism. If and when the paper passes the scan, the software generates a copy of a plagiarism report that serves as certification that the paper is 100% original. We issue a copy of this plagiarism report to any customer who wants one as his or her assurance that their work is free and clear of all plagiarism. 

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