Guarantees of Money-Back

If you have ever used other online custom essay companies, you may have been angered at their promises of money back if you were not satisfied, which were then not followed with actual practice. This is common with cheap price essay services. They know they are not producing what their customers want, but they have already had the payment. They simply ignore requests for refunds and go on to the next unsuspecting client. Things are different at . We want you to know and understand all of our refund policies before you ever place your first order to buy paper or essay writing from us.

Our policies on refunds are quite straightforward and allow you to ask for a refund during any part of the writing process. Because students who buy a paper online from  are rarely unhappy and because we always provide revisions, free of charge, events of refund requests are rare. However, below you will find our policies, and if you do receive a refund, it will be processed within 4-6 days.

According to Our Money Back Guarantee, you have the right to demand and get a refund if something is wrong with your work at its any stage. This comprises any problems that may happen. Our company aims at protecting your interests, our customers.  has a remarkably high customer satisfaction rate because the cases of refunds occur very seldom. All requests concerning refunds are fulfilled within 4-6 business days. 

Canceling an Order

If you cancel an order before a writer has been assigned, you will receive a full refund. If, however, a writer has been assigned, and it is indicated on your personal order account page, then your refund will be based upon the deadline you set. If less than 50% of the time has passed, you will receive a 70% refund; if more than 50% has passed, you will receive 50% of your payment. The reason for this is only fair: your writer has begun work on your custom essay or paper and she/he deserves to be paid for the time spent.

Please note: You cannot typically receive a refund of any amount if you buy a term paper and it is delivered by your deadline. You may request revisions free of charge, however. If you have concerns for quality, you may click the “refund” tab on your account page and place your request and reasons for the request, and a decision will be made on an individual basis.

Order Mistakenly Paid for Twice

If you were charged twice for the same order, you will receive two receipts from your payment processor. Simply forward the multiple receipts to us, and we will immediately process a refund for the mistaken charges.

If a Writer is Not Found

In very rare instances, we may not be able to find a writer who is available to accept your order. If this should happen, we will notify you immediately and refund all of your payment. You will also receive a discount on your next order.

If you have requested a revision, and you want that revision completed by a different writer, we will do everything possible to find a qualified writer for you. When you buy a research paper and you want revisions, we want to be certain that your revision writer has the same qualifications as your original one. If such a revision writer cannot be found, your issue will be sent to our dispute specialist, and a refund amount will be determined.

If Your Paper is Late

Tardiness of paper delivery may be the result of several things, and refunds and refund amounts will occur based upon the cause(s). 

For example, if you are late getting information or documents to your writer that s/he needs to complete your paper, then, it is your fault. If you have failed to respond to emails or messages form your writer, then, again, it is the fault of yours.

If tardiness is due to the writer or our system errors, then, of course, you are due a refund. You may request a refund according to the amount of time of lateness. The more hours a deadline is past due, the greater the refund will be. If you request a refund, it will be accurately calculated and provided to you.

If a paper is delivered late and you have not yet approved of this paper, you may request a full refund, and you will also be given a discount on your next order.

If you are requesting a refund, you must do so on your personal order/account page. This request must come to us within 14 days of receipt of the late paper.

Refunds for Late Revisions

Deadlines of revisions are set upon request for them. They will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Can I request a partial refund if I do not like my paper and decide to revise it by myself?

When you buy paper writing from us, you are using the premier custom writing service online. We assign fully qualified writers, and we promise free revisions if you are not fully satisfied. Because we do provide these revisions, part of your implied contract with us is that we will provide revisions. You may also request a different writer to complete these revisions. You may, however, request a refund with the decision to revise your own paper, and our administrators will make a decision regarding what percent will be given.

If you decide to request a quality refund, we will automatically give you the MS Word version of the ordered work. You may then review it, and over the next 14 days, you will need to justify your objections to the quality of your paper, pointing out specific parts that do not meet your standards. Refunds will range from 5% - 40%, dependent upon the validity of your arguments. If you have already approved of your delivered work and then wish to request a refund based upon quality, contact our customer support department – they are available by phone, messaging, or live chat.

When your refund request is submitted to our dispute specialist and that individual request information from you, you have 14 days to respond, or the refund request will be dismissed. Any refund request, in fact, must be submitted within the period of 14 days of receipt of the final draft of the work.

When you request a full refund on a delivered product due to dis-satisfaction

If you buy a term paper, essay, or other academic writing piece, and you decide that it is wholly unacceptable and that you want to write the entire piece by yourself, you may then request a refund through the refund tab on your account page. Before you do this, we want you to remember that you can ask for a full free revision and even a different writer to complete the task. If you have not approved of the paper yet, you are certainly welcome to request a refund. Be certain to choose the option for a full refund due to dis-satisfaction with the entire work.

If you choose the option to request a full refund and said, refund is granted, we will immediately post the work publicly online for others to see and buy. It will be available through numerous searches and will be found to be plagiarized by any scanning software. These measures are taken to protect ourselves and our writers.

If, within 14 days of your refund request, you provide solid evidence of poor quality, then your request will be taken into consideration. If you have chosen to write the piece by yourself, your own version would serve as evidence that our paper did not meet your standards, a full refund will be granted. If you do not provide us with evidence within that 14 day period, your refund request will be dismissed.

When a Refund Will Not Be Given

If you have approved of your paper and have received the MS Word downloadable and printable version, you may not request a refund. The only exceptions are when you have pressed “approve” and have requested revisions that are then not satisfactory. You may receive a partial refund in these circumstances.

Again, please, note that all refund requests must be received by us within 14 days of your receipt of the final draft. After this time, refund requests will not be considered.

No Refunds on Samples Service

Customers must pay a $5 fee for samples of a writer’s work, in order to determine if they wish to use that writer. It is non-refundable, and if you do not deny the use of the writer within the allotted time, we will consider that writer is approved by you.

Use of Discount Codes
You must use any discount code that you have been given when you place your order. If you receive a partial or full refund on that order, none of the discount codes will be returned for future use.

Failure to Approve Paper within the Allotted Time

When you buy custom essay or paper writing that it is delivered to you, you have 14 days to approve or request revisions. If you do not request a revision or do not request a refund within those 14 days, we will assume that it has been approved and will make the MS Word version available to you on your personal page.This 14-day time limit is non-negotiable, and there are no exceptions.