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A review essay, or critical review essay, is a type of evaluation of a published article. It examines the subject matter and content in the written form and is known for being an overly challenging task. Unfortunately, most college students are required to write a number of critical review essay assignments during their time at university. 

The first step in writing a review essay is reading the article about which the reviewer wishes to write. Writing a critical review essay is supposed to be begin with an evaluation of the writing style of the article’s author. Next, an analysis of the author's vocabulary usage, the overall theme of the written work, and a well-thought-out opinion of how well the review essay writer feels the author delivered the theme of the article to his or her reading audience is in order.

Additionally, it is important that the writer of the review essay finds the main points in the article so that they can be included within the review. In the article analysis, it is necessary to articulate the author's strengths and weaknesses in her or her writing the article. In any literature review essay, one needs to highlight these things. At the end, a summarization of the information contained in the article should draw a weighty conclusion.

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