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About Cookies

While we sell academic writing for a cheap price, we have a cookie policy that stays in place when customers buy custom essays from These are text files that are stored on one’s computer or on any other electronic device that has access to the online resources. When one visits a website, a cookie is stored on that person’s computer by his or her browser.

Cookies help to adjust our website to the needs of students who visit our site to purchase essay writing. We use them to enhance the user experience of buying essays online from When students visit our online service to buy custom essay paper assignments, cookies make their use of the site more convenient. Cookies enable students to stay logged into the site for a longer period of time.

If you are seeking custom writing essays and do not wish for us to collect or send cookies to your computer, we allow you to manage or delete the cookies, as you choose. However, if you plan to buy written essays from and disable cookies, we are unable to guarantee that our site will function as it should on your computer.

The Cookies We Use

When a customer accesses to buy custom essays, we use two types of cookies: session and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are temporary files stored only until you close your browser. If you purchase essay writing from, these cookies help us to remember your activity on the previous page and helps us store vital information about your visit’s history.

Persistent cookies are long term cookies that are used for students buying essays online from our writing service. They remain on the customer’s device for a period of time after he or she closes his or her browser.

How We Use Cookies.

We use cookies on the service order forms on our site when students are buying essays online from If cookies are disabled, students are not able to apply for our services.

Cookies are used:

  • To remember that a customer is in the process of making a custom essay paper order;
  • To remember that a customer is signed into our web site to explore options for custom writing essays;
  • To track each customer’s use of our online plagiarism checker for custom writing essays.

In order to improve our customers’ user experiences, we also use cookies:

  • To provide them with support for their written essays through Live Chat.
  • To track their activity through Google Analytics.

How We Work with the Third Parties

We never distribute any customer’s personal information to any third party uninvolved in the process of placing, completing and delivering orders for custom essay writing that they buy online from our writing service.

Managing Cookies

If cookies are disabled on a customer’s computer, we cannot guarantee that our web site will function as it should when they visit our website to buy custom essays for a cheap price. The customer might not get the best of his or her custom essay browsing experience. Otherwise, if the customer wishes to restrict cookies, he or she can do it in his or her browser settings. For assistance, customers should refer to the HELP function in the menu of their browsers.