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We accept all the main credit cards and electronic checks via MoneyBookers or PayPal. All the payment processing methods we use for ordering papers online are safe and secure. To protect our customers, we do not hold credit card information.
custom papers money back
In the event you are not satisfied with our custom papers or if you feel your money hasn’t been well spent on our work, you are entitled to request an unlimited amount of revisions, free-of-charge, or we will give you a refund.


Below, you will find the most commonly asked questions as potential customers visit our site. Hopefully, you will find your questions among these and have the answers quickly and succinctly. We want customers who use our online custom essay and paper service to have full information before they place an order.

  1. Can I use your service confidentially?
  2. Do you have a physical address?
  3. How do I pay form my college papers? Is your site safe?
  4. I find your prices higher than a lot of online writing companies and lower than some others. Why?
  5. Do you have a money-back guarantee?
  6. How do you select a writer for my order?
  7. Am I allowed to select a writer I have used before and really like?
  8. Where are your writers from?
  9. Do I have a way to talk with my writer?
  10. I am worried about plagiarism – What do you do to guard against this?
  11. Do you maintain a database of previously completed orders?
  12. What format do you use?
  13. How do I establish a deadline for my paper?
  14. Please, explain the progressive delivery option in more detail.
  15. How do I complete my order form?
  16. How do I get resources or other assignment materials to my writer?
  17. Exactly what is my personal order page and what is it for?
  18. If I forget my password, how do I reset or retrieve it?
  19. How do I receive my final essay or paper?
  20. How do I get a Microsoft Word version of my paper?
  21. If I do not receive my paper by my deadline date, what do I do?
  22. What if I am unhappy with my finished paper?
  23. What is the “Samples” Option?

Can I use your service confidentially?

Confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed in two ways. Students who buy a term paper or any other types of academic writing do have to provide some personal information – name, email address, and phone number. This is so that we may get in touch with you if there are questions or issues. This personal information is not shared with anyone – even your writer. We never transfer, trade, or sell your information to any other person. No one will know that you have used our service unless you choose to tell him/her.

The other aspect of confidentiality relates to secure payment procedures. We have a fully secure third-party payment system in place, just as all online retailers do. No one from our staff will ever ask you for your credit card information, nor should you ever volunteer this information. The only way that you can pay for an order is through your personal account, and your information is encrypted. You may want to review our Privacy Policy on the site for further information.

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Do you have a physical address?

Yes, we are based in USA and incorporated and licensed here. We work with students from the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia who want to buy paper and essay writing from professional writers who are native English-speaking, and that is what we provide.

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How do I pay form my college papers? Is your site safe?

Absolutely, we are safe. You may use PayPal, Moneybookers, or a major credit card to pay for your orders. We use secure encrypted systems to process all payments, and no staff member of 5starswriting.com will have access to your financial information, reliable standard third-party payment procedures are in place. We use the same methods as all online retailers. Once you have completed your order form, simply click the “make payment” button and follow the same instructions that you would follow for any online purchase from any other business.

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I find your prices higher than a lot of online writing companies and lower than some others. Why?

Our prices are a bit higher than the average for our industry. If you buy paper and essay products at a cheap price, you will find that the quality and service are poor. Either your writing has been completed by a non-native English-speaking individual (usually a student) or it has been “lifted” from databases of essays and papers that have been previously sold to others. You are, thus, in jeopardy of being charged with plagiarism. If you want to buy a paper online and pay a cheap essay price (anything under $10 a page), you are courting a disaster. No professional writer will work for that fee. Our prices begin at $10 per page and go up from there, dependent upon the type of work ordered, the amount and type of research involved, and the academic level of the customer. Deadline urgency is always a factor, as well.  This is fair and reasonable because writers with the advanced degrees are used for university and graduate program writing orders.

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Do you have a money-back guarantee?

There are instances in which full and partial refunds may be provided. Please, read through our money-back guarantee policy for more details.

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How do you select a writer for my order?

We categorize our writers based upon degree levels and content field specializations. When an order is submitted, we analyze the academic level of the student and the content field of the topic. We then select a writer from our list who matches the order. A high school student will always receive a writer with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree; a university-level student will have a writer with at least a Master’s degree; a Ph.D. or professional school student will always receive a Ph.D. writer in his/her specialized field.

Our writers are carefully screened prior to employment. They must produce verifiable degrees from English-speaking institutions; they must submit samples of their own writing; they must past an English composition test; they must produce a piece of writing, the topic of which we provide. Only after all of these hurdles have been successfully “jumped,” a writer will come to work for us. During their time with us, they are continually evaluated and scored according to several criteria. They must maintain a set minimum score in order to continue to work for us.

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Am I allowed to select a writer I have used before and really like?

Yes, you may. We will contact that writer first and check his/her availability. There is a field on the order form for you to indicate this, and you will need to put your writer’s ID number in that field. If you do not request a specific writer, one will be assigned who meets the necessary qualifications. All of our writers are superb – if they were not, they would not be working for us!

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Where are your writers from?

Essentially, they come from all over the world; however, they have received their undergraduate and graduate training in the English-speaking institutions. The vast majority of our writers are native English-speaking individuals themselves, although we do have some whose native language is other than English. They have, however, passed our very difficult English proficiency test. When we choose a writer for an order, we always select the most qualified one.

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Do I have a way to talk with my writer?

Yes, you do. You may send messages to your writer through your personal account page. You may upload additional information to him/her through this means, too. If your writer messages you, an email notification will be sent to you. Thus, you may access your account page and receive the message.
Nevertheless, it is a good idea to check your account page frequently.

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I am worried about plagiarism – What do you do to guard against this?

You are right to be concerned about plagiarism. Many services that offer supposed custom essay and paper writing do, in fact, deliver plagiarized works. This is why they can offer such a cheap essay price.  5starswriting.com has its own plagiarism detection software that is quite sophisticated and is not a part of the standard systems used by institutions (e.g., Copyscape, Turnitin). The reason for this is as follows: If we were to use one of those programs to scan a completed work, and then your instructor used the same program, it would show up as previously checked. We guarantee plagiarism-free writing without exception because we check every piece before it goes to a client. If you would like a plagiarism report to accompany your delivered order, simply let us know. Our writers are legally bound to create only original writing, from scratch, for each order they fulfill. We have yet to find a plagiarized piece from any of our writers; however, if we did so, that writer would be terminated and the plagiarized work would be corrected before delivery.

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Do you maintain a database of previously completed orders?

No. We do not do this. If a writer attempted to use a previously written work for another client, it would be caught by our detection software. We want students to feel secure that no one else will ever have access to their products.

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What format do you use?

Our standard format is Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double-spaced, and we have one-inch margins on all sides. If you need different margins or fonts, please, indicate this on your order form. Title pages, pagination, and in-test and end-of-text citations are according to the style you indicate.

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How do I establish a deadline for my paper?

You will give a specific deadline on your order form, and the countdown begins as soon as we receive payment. So, if you need your essay or paper back in 3 days, it will be delivered on or before the 3-day time limit, to the hour. Please, note some important information regarding deadlines:

  1. If you have an urgent deadline, you must allow 2-3 hours per page. Your writer does need time to conduct the research, collate it all, and actually compose the paper. Thus, a 10-page paper should reasonably have a deadline between 20-30 hours.
  2. If your writer must use materials you are providing, be certain that you upload at the same time you make payment. If there is a delay in getting these materials to your writer, your deadline may have to be altered – you will receive notification if this is the case.
  3. If you choose a progressive delivery option (usually for theses and dissertations, based upon sections or chapters), be certain that this is correctly indicated on your order form. If you are uncertain how to do this, contact our customer support office for assistance. If you are asking for a first draft for review and then a final draft, make certain that you indicate deadline dates for both. You writer is not a mind reader!

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Please, explain the progressive delivery option in more detail.

This option is generally used when a major project will be produced over an extended period of time – a thesis, dissertation, major research project, etc. In these cases, the customer has an option to request sections or chapters as they are completed, often because an advisor wished to see progress. If you select this option, you must provide a deadline for each section or chapter, and your charge will be an additional 10% of the order price. On the positive side, you only pay for one section or chapter at a time, which can be easier on the budget, and you are in very close communication with your writer throughout the process.

Here is how this delivery option works:

  1.  You place your order, requesting progressive delivery. Then, we set up delivery dates and payment plan with you.
  2. We assign your researcher/writer, sometimes more than one.
  3. Each part is delivered as you wish, and you have the opportunity to review it fully and request any revisions you wish. In the meantime, your writer has begun the next section.
  4. This process continues until all sections or chapters are completed.
  5. The final delivery is of a product that has been written exactly as you wanted.

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How do I complete my order form?

Once you access the order form on the site, you should have little difficulty completing it. Each field requests specific information – title or topic, length requirement, number and types source materials, deadline and format style. In the comment section, you need to be certain to include all additional information which will help us understand the project. Each field has a small “info” link and, by clicking it, you will be given more detail about what to include in that field.

If you have any questions or issues, please, call, message, or go into live chat on the site – we will be glad to help you. 

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How do I get resources or other assignment materials to my writer?

Once your order is submitted, you will get a personal order/account page which will be password protected. Through this account page, you can do several things. 

  1.  You may upload materials for your writer to use.
  2. You can track progress of your order.
  3. You can communicate with your writer and send messages to the customer service office.
  4. You can receive drafts for approval.

If you have difficulty in performing any of the functions on your account page, please, contact us for help.

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Exactly what is my personal order page and what is it for?

A personal order page is like an account page. There will be several tabs you can use for a variety of activities. It is password protected, so only you and a site administrator can access your page. Here are a few of the functions:

  1.  The “orders” tab allows you to see all orders you have placed in the past and all current orders that are in process.
  2. The “new” order tab is where you can place a new order.
  3. Other tabs allow you to upload documents for your writer, to send and receive messages, as well as to check progress of an order.
  4. Your profile tab provides your personal information. You may edit this if your phone number or email address changes.

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If I forget my password, how do I reset or retrieve it?

You create a password with your first order. Just as occurs with other password protected accounts you may have online, should you forget your password, there is a link that will take you the directions for retrieval.

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How do I receive my final essay or paper?

When your work is finished, you will receive a notification in your personal email. Then, you access your personal account page to receive your paper. As the deadline approaches, it is always a good idea to check your account page often. Your paper will be downloaded through your account page only and will be found on the “manage your orders” tab.

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How do I get a Microsoft Word version of my paper?

Your initial final product will be in PDF format and will be write-protected. You must approve of the paper first. Then, you can go to your “files” list, and you will see “MS Word version.” You may then download and print your MS file.

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If I do not receive my paper by my deadline date, what do I do?

You must contact us right away. You may do this by calling, messaging, or going on live chat. We will check into this immediately. Common reasons for this are an incorrect email address, an email that has gone into your spam folder, or possibly a message from the writer that has not been answered, and so s/he cannot finish the paper. In rare instances, the paper is checked for plagiarism, and this only takes a few minutes. The important thing is to contact us quickly!

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What if I am unhappy with my finished paper?

You have the right to request revisions, free of charge, if you are not satisfied with any part of your paper. You do this by messaging your writer on your account page, detailing the changes you want, and giving him/her a specific time frame for completion.

If significant revision is requested and these changes alter your original order details, there will be a fee charged, and this will be determined by an administrator. The fee is directly related to the amount of revision we must make.

You may also check our “privacy policy” page for more information.

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What is the “Samples” Option?

Sometimes, and particularly with complex and upper level writing production, a client may wish to see samples of the writer’s style. In this case, we randomly select three pieces of writing that your writer has produced as samples, and these are provided in PDF format. You may review them, and if you decide that you wish to try another writer, you may request this. You may change writers three times, and there is a $5 fee to use the “samples” option. There is a time limit regarding your review and request for a different writer. If we have not heard from you in that time, we will assume that the writer is acceptable, and the work will begin.

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Key Features
  • Outstanding quality;
  • All papers fully custom-written from start to end;
  • Only professionally-qualified writers work for us;
  • 100% guarantee against plagiarism;
  • All papers are delivered quickly;
  • We can apply any style of citation;
  • We cover all topics;
  • We cover over one hundred academic disciplines;
  • Generous discounts for returning customers and large orders;
  • Anti-plagiarism systems used and QA procedures applied;
  • Revisions provided, free-of-charge, in line with our Privacy Policy.
Formatting styles
  • -Each page = 275 words in length
  • -Font used = Arial 12 pt
  • -Line spacing = double
  • -Free title or cover page
  • -Free referencing page and bibliography
  • -Citation styles = APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Turabian, applied free-of-charge
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